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Whitman Lake Hydroelectric Project


City of Ketchikan


Ketchikan, Alaska


Hatch Associates Consultants, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Phase one construction of the Whitman Lake Hydroelectric Project included temporary hatchery water supply bypass, access trail and laydown, powerhouse and tailrace structures, switchyard, powerhouse crane, hatchery head tank, intakes and valve house and pipelines from dam to powerhouse. A new 2,400 sf power house was constructed, and ½ mile of new pipe line for water supply to the power house.

Phase 2 is referred to as the Achilles Diversion. This included a new access road and bridge up to Achilles Creek where a dam and reservoir was built. New water lines run from the dam and tie into lines from phase one, increasing the water supply for generation at the existing powerhouse (built in phase 1).

Provided pre-construction services
Constrained site
Occupied renovation