• Cornerstone 1 (1024x683).jpgPhotography by Jim Krause
  • Cornerstone Aerial 1 (1024x683).jpgPhotography by Jim Krause
  • IMG_7906 (1024x683).jpgPhotography by Jim Krause
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  • Cornerstone 6 (1024x683).jpgPhotography by Jim Krause

Cornerstone Building


3102 Newmarket, LLC


Bellingham, WA


171,000 square feet


RMC Architects, PLLC

DESCRIPTION:  New construction of a six-story building in Bellingham's Barkley District. The building features a two-story concrete parking garage with first floor commercial tenant space, and four stories of wood framed apartments above (116 total units).

Photography by Jim Krause

Fast track construction
Provided pre-construction services