Ketchikan, Alaska

Whitman Lake Hydroelectric

Industrial/Infrastructure Project

Installation a 4.6 MW hydroelectric dam on the existing non-powered dam at Whitman Lake to provide power to the communities of Ketchikan, Petersburg, and Wrangell. The project produces 16,000 MWH/year. The project also included replacement of a penstock from the Whitman Lake Hatchery and creating a diversion from Achilles Creek to Whitman Lake.

The project was split into two phases, the first involving the construction of a new 2,400 square foot powerhouse, a switchyard, powerhouse crane, hatchery head tank, intake and valve house, and ½ mile of new pipe line for water supply to the new powerhouse.

The second phase involved creating a new access road and bridge up to Achilles creek where a dam and reservoir was built. New water lines were tied into the lines from phase one to increase the water supply at the powerhouse.

client: City of Ketchikan

architect: Hatch Associates