Bellingham, Washington

The Cornerstone

Residential Project

The Cornerstone is a mecca for commercial businesses as well as residential tenants in a neo-urban atmosphere. The new construction features a two-story, 57,200 square foot, secured, concrete parking garage with 14,000 square feet of commercial tenant space on the ground floor. The top four stories house 116 units of wood framed apartments, totaling 100,000 square feet.

Vibrant red composite metal paneling accentuates vertical circulation elements and visually differentiates the building from the local multi-unit residential aesthetic, providing a modern finish to an up and coming urban environment. A double loaded corridor allows the residential units to access exterior walls and windows, maximizing natural light.

The apartments contain an elevated courtyard that provides a shared greenspace, seating, and BBQ amenities, along with views of the surrounding neighborhood and Bellingham Bay.

client: 02 Newmarket LLC

architect: RMC Architects