Juneau, Alaska

Marine Exchange

Commercial Project

The Marine Exchange houses the largest private vessel tracking system in the world. It is Alaska’s version of air traffic control for the more than 10,000 commercial vessels sailing 33,000 miles of coastline.

The building’s structural steel on pile deck foundation sits along the Juneau waterfront. It includes 2,100 square feet of enclosed parking under 2 stories (4,250 square feet) of office space to house the 24-hour operations center, servers, technicians, and support staff. There is no other vessel tracking system this large in the world, monitoring everything from the Bering Sea to Dixon Entrance and the far tip of the Aleutians.


Creative solutions proposed during pre-construction resulted in an accelerated project schedule and 2.5% savings in construction costs.

client: Marine Exchange of Alaska

architect: MRV Architects