Wenatchee, Washington

Garden Terrace Apartments

Hidden Project

This project involved renovations to an occupied senior housing center. The 90,000 square foot complex features 145 units in 6 story buildings. Work included upgrading the windows and building envelope, adding fire alarms and sprinklers throughout, and individual unit improvements. The complex was occupied by tenants throughout construction, requiring creative problem solving by the Dawson team. To complete asbestos abatement in the occupied units, the team built temporary containment shelters to protect the tenants from exposure.

In order to replace wall panel assemblies and HVAC units in the buildings, the team developed a pre-fabricated system that resulted in the new panels being installed in less than an hour and found a net saving of 3 months on the project schedule.

client: Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Homes

architect: Forte Architects, Inc.