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Metlakatla Elementary School Major Maintenance Remodel


Annette Island School District


Metlakatla, Alaska


29,000 square feet


Kumin Associates Architects

DESCRIPTION: Demolition and renovation of approximately 26,850 SF of the elementary school, and replacement of the covered play canopy with a new open pre-engineered steel structure canopy. Work includes minor site development and utility modification and extensions. The renovation will meet the 2009 International Building Code (IBC) Type V-B, non-rated, with sprinkler system extension and upgrades throughout as required per State of Alaska mandate for education buildings. The existing school structure will essentially remain intact but require partial demolition, haz-mat abatement, minor structural modifications, new interior wood and metal stud partitions, existing wood siding replaced with new metal siding backed with additional rigid insulation on the exterior walls, and a metal roof replacement over the waterproof membrane on the existing roof sheathing.

Constrained site
Provided pre-construction services