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Alaska General Seafoods New Bunkhouse


Alaska General Seafoods


Ketchikan, Alaska


10,000 square feet


Milard + Associates Architects

DESCRIPTION:  New construction of a four-story wood-framed bunkhouse building of Type IV-A construction on a partially developed site. The building has a mixture of triple and quad sleeping rooms, for up to 101 seasonal workers with a shared bathroom and laundry room on each level. Covered and semi-enclosed stairs at each end of the building provide egress. Site work involves extension of utilities and some grading. The building includes concrete footings and stem walls, fire-rated wood stud wall construction, remote insulation system at the exterior walls, vinyl window units, hollow metal doors, metal siding, pre-manufactured energy heel wood trusses, metal roofing, wood and steel stairs and railings, and gypsum wallboard finish at ceilings and walls at the interior. All associated site, mechanical and electrical work.

Fast track construction
Constrained site