At Dawson, safety is an integral part of our culture. Our management team is committed to supporting our goal of zero accidents through clear communication of our high expectations, providing the necessary resources, and following-up. To meet this commitment, we integrate safety into every phase of our work.

Dawson is one of a handful of contractors in Alaska that has been invited to participate in the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health (AKOSH) Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program. The CHASE program is a partnership between contractors and AKOSH to take a proactive approach in reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities within the construction industry. 

Dawsons' safety program has been reviewed by AKOSH and determined to meet or exceed all requirements, including written safety policies, properly trained supervisors and workforce, and proper record-keeping systems. 

Offering a safe work environment enables us to attract and retain some of the best workers in the industry.

  • Safe workplaces experience fewer accidents
  • Fewer accidents lead to lower Experience Modification Rates (EMR’s)
  • Lower EMR's mean lower workman’s compensation rates, which ultimately leads to better value for our clients.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR)




2015:  .75   2015:  TBD
2014:  .59   2014:  .70
2013:  .60   2013:  .77
2012:  .60   2012:  .83
2011:  .61   2011:  .79
2010:  .81   2010:  .80